no fillers, no additives


Only the best ingredients on Earth to create out-of-this-world flavor.

  • Small Batch

    Every batch of spices is expertly blended together by hand to ensure optimum freshness.

  • Sustainable

    We strive to support local farmers who implement regenerative farming practices.

  • Innovation

    Beyond spices we pour creativity into every jar. Putting together blends you'll only find here.

  • Quality

    We only use top-tier whole ground organic spices. Never any fillers, anti-caking agents, or artificial preservatives


I call it my little jar of awesome.

Joe R.

We use Gold Dust in our butcher shop as a house blend. Customers truly love it.

Geoff M.

I tried Gold Dust on our tri-tips and havent looked back. We use it on every one.

Author's name

I honestly thought Red Rub was just another bbq seasoning, but it surprises with its earthiness and subtle heat and that hit of lime takes everything we’ve cooked to the next level. We even put it on potato chips! So versatile

Author's name

The salt... 🤌

John V.